How to Research Your Best Debt Solution?

It’s so confusing…and scary. There are options available to you but you don’t know who to trust and you’ve heard about the debt relief companies that turn out to be scams leaving their clients in even worse financial shape.

Unlike other industries, there is no household name brand debt relief firms you can turn to. The debt relief industry is comprised of many smaller companies who help people over the phone rather than have local offices you can walk into. This makes it even harder to know and take comfort in who you are hiring to turn your financial ship around.

At the end of the day, this is a financial decision and like all financial decisions it takes research to come to a sound decision. Getting into debt can be easy, getting out takes work but the work you put into finding the right company to help can will help you sleep at night knowing you are on the right path in trustworthy hands.

So where should you start?

Well like most people, you will turn to the internet. You will find a wealth of information and dozens of companies who claim they can help you but who’s honest?

Review sites are all over the place and can be very misleading as most of the time the company reviewed as #1 is the owner of the website itself. Unfair? Yes. But that’s the reality of today’s internet. So don’t just check a seemingly legitimate review site and choose the number one company.

Instead make a list of companies, find them on, contact each one, check to be sure they are licensed in your state. Ask them and then verify through your own research questions such as:

  1. How long they’ve been in business?
  2. Always under the same corporate name?
  3. How many clients do they have?
  4. What’s the owner’s background?
  5. What industry organizations are they affiliated with?
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