About Us

You want to get out of debt but don’t know who to trust. We think you’ve come to the right place. We are an independent research company that has been in the debt relief industry for almost 10 years. Unlike most sites, we are not owned or operated by a debt relief solutions company.

Our goal is simple – to help educate people who visit this site about their debt problem so you can make the best decision when determining the appropriate solution.

Honesty and integrity is what drives us. We seek out the best debt relief companies we can find and partner with them to help you. Our criteria is strict as they must be highly reputable, reliable, and trustworthy. They have been verified by third party agencies like the BBB and we make every effort to meet the companies we suggest in person. There’s no better way than face to face to seek out companies with integrity and nobody else does that like we do.

Thank you for visiting us and we sincerely hope you find the site useful so you can be debt free as soon as possible.


How can this site help me?

We build Debt Help Desk after years of experience speaking with people searching for a reliable and honest source of information for debt relief.

Why is this site different?

We know there are tons of “debt relief” sites out there but many are either too general (ie-personal finance” type sites) or are debt relief sites owned and operated by debt relief companies so yes, they are biased. We are independent.

How can this site help me become debt free?

We believe the first step is educating yourself. You must completely understand your options and the risks and benefits of each. Only then should you start to find a company to assist you. To help you narrow down your choices we can provide you with information on companies we know well and have worked with for many years.

Who owns this site?

Debt Help Desk is a collaboration between a group of internet marketers and a veteran in the debt relief industry who has been assisting people for over 10 years. Our joint partnership is intended to provide you with honest and reliable help so you can get out of debt safely.

Can I contact you?

Sure we’re here to help. The easiest way is to email us using the “Contact Us” page. Yes, we do respond to every request.

How does this site make money?

Like most sites we have affiliate relationships with services we have researched and strongly recommended. We take these relationships very seriously and we screen these services carefully. If you ever have a comment or suggestion, please tell us.

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