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5 Small ways to Save Big Money

5 Small ways to Save Big Money

After getting out of debt, saving money is the next important step to getting back in control of your finances.  Saving a lot of money, however, doesn’t mean that you have to sell your house or start taking the bus to work everyday.  Consider these small changes that you can make to save a big amount of money.

Ways to Save Money

1.  Review your cell phone bill.  Even if you picked out the best plan a few years ago when you got your phone, it’s very possible that things have changed.  If you haven’t reviewed your bill in a while, it’s very possible that you are overpaying for mites, texts, and data.  Shop around with different providers and don’t be afraid to switch to a new company if the deal is better.  If you have a family plan with multiple lines, it’s possible that you wills ave several hundred dollars a month.

2.  Cut the cable for a few months.  Cable plans can cost over $100 a month, and if you know you’re going to be busy or on vacation for a while there’s a good chance you won’t even  miss it if it’s gone.  Cut it off for 90 days, and you’ll save about $300.  At the end of that time, if you want it back on you’ll be eligible for new subscriber discounts.

3.  Get an energy audit.  This is usually a free service provided by your local utility company.  A representative comes to your home and recommends ways to reduce your power bill. Many times the suggestions are as simple as improving weather stripping and replacing a few lightbulbs.  You could save thousands of dollars a year from your bills.

4.  Plan your meals.  Depending on how much time you want to devote to this, it is possible to pay next to nothing for the food you eat just by watching sales, cutting coupons, and learning how to shop smart.  At the very least you should plan meals to use up all the food in your fridge rather than throw it away at the end of the week.  

5.  Try debt consolidation.  Debt consolidation can replace all of your high interest debt with a single low interest loan.  All of your debts will be paid off, and you’ll have extra money left over every month.

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